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Libra Shader AE

Описание и Информация:
  • Описание

Libra shaders are a great solution for those who feel that the game lacks brightness and colors. This pack will make the game world more vivid and juicy, and the water and trees more natural and detailed. If you set the brightness to maximum with these shaders, then almost every object will begin to emit light, and the picture will become very contrasty. This pack changes not only the daylight, but also the night light.
The main task of this pack is to show and emphasize all the game details and make the world more vivid. In addition, with this pack the night sky and shadows from the moon and stars will change.

  • List of changes
    tree shadows
    aesthetic coloring style
    water reflection sphere
    simple water effect
    blooming sun
    brighter stars
    blue sky
    vanilla torch color
    water distortion
    shadow side blocks


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