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Minecraft PE 16x16 Texture Packs

Here you can download texture packs for Minecraft with a resolution of block 16x16 pixels on android


Textures Smooth Pixels is an interesting pack, where the author has tried to make all the blocks smoother and reduce the number of pixels on the screen. Thanks to this you will get not only a good
Textures AMZ is an amazing pack, whose main task is to make the picture on the screen as smooth as possible. Thanks to these textures all the surfaces in the game will be as smooth as possible and
Clear Glass textures without frames is a simple pack that will allow you to remove unnecessary frames from the blocks of glass making it more attractive. With this texture pack you can easily build
Fused's Lush Leaves texture - this package will improve the appearance of trees and bushes, making the game world look much more interesting. The main task of these textures for Minecraft for
Tired of the huge and ludicrous swords in Minecraft? It's time to apply better graphics settings to the block world. The Mulberry 16x PvP textures will help you do just that. The addition improves
Texture Pack Minimalism 8x8 is a great pack that will make the textures in the game more simple, but also quite nice. It will make the blocks, tools and the whole environment in the game look more
Classic texture pack is a deeply reworked pack, which was based on the standard textures, which have been improved and detailed. This pack will be of interest first of all to those players who like
Minecraft PE
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