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This section contains popular and new addons for the game Minecraft PE | Catalogue of game addons for the mobile version of Minecraft PE on Android

If you want to ride a horse with friends, but don't want to find a horse for each player, then download the Two Riders mod for Minecraft on Android. Thanks to this mod, 2 players can now ride a
The Animation mod will make creature movements more realistic and not as twitchy as they are now. Thanks to this mod many creatures will get improved animation, which will more correctly convey the
Protection Helmet mod will help even the unluckiest of you to survive in any situation, because it will increase your health by 2 times. Thanks to this helmet you will no longer die from falling from
Advanced Fishing - will add the ability to catch new types of fish, from which later you can get resources. Thanks to this mod you will be able to catch not only cod and salmon, this mod, will add
Pixie mod will add a new creature to the game, which has wings, not big size and is able to impose useful effects on you. Thanks to him you will be able to become much stronger, faster and more
Mythical Land mod adds new creatures from Greek mythology to the game, and now you can meet mermaids and sirens. These creatures are very dangerous and can kill any wanderer who dares to approach
The All Around mod - adds new creatures, ore and several new bosses that you can meet in the upper and lower worlds. Now exploring both worlds, you'll meet new mobs, be able to mine unique ore and of
Minecraft PE
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