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The yCreatures mod adds over a hundred new creatures to Minecraft PE, and therefore will allow you to take a completely new look at your favorite game.
Important: the mod only works with Minecraft PE 1.17 and later versions. Some of the hundreds of new creatures will become your friends, and some will create a lot of obstacles for a comfortable game. They are almost evenly distributed throughout the biomes. In the screenshots below, you will find just some of the animals.

Narrow-snouted crocodile is one of the three alligator species added to MCPE!


African anteaters.
Tame animals that live in the savanna. They like to eat termites and clean their nests, and have a good night's sleep afterwards. Eagles
Constantly circling in the savannah sky and waiting for small prey. Two species are available: African black eagle and African fish eagle.

Neutral, so you should not touch them. Can be tamed and used as a means of transportation. Ostriches are fast and jump high. Children are afraid of everything, so when enemies approach, they hide their head in the ground. They lay eggs.

African buffalo and black palancas
If you see them, we recommend running as fast as possible.

Avoid both players and predators. If they have horns, they will attack you. Fast and intelligent creatures. Always sniffing the ground. Available in many species.

  Nile crocodile.
Aggressive to any animal except their own kind. Never touch hippos or turtles. They lay 4 eggs when breeding, from which small crocodiles hatch after a while.

The most timid animals that will run away or hide in their shells. They are slow and lay eggs.

Small insects, which will amicably extinguish anyone who attacks their termite mounds.

Beautiful animals that do not like to share territory. So if you approach them, you will get a fight back. They can splash water out of their trunk to cool off in the hot savannah.

Установка мода
Download the yCreatures mod (.mcpack) - Download textures for yCreatures mod (.mcpack) -  
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