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The Vampires

Описание и Информация:
  • Описание

Vampires mod - will add to the game new night creatures that will attack players and other mobs and drink their blood. After installing this modification at night will become even more dangerous, because you will be hunted from the darkness by real bloodsuckers. At the moment there are 2 types of vampires in the mod, which differ in behavior model and characteristics. These creatures will lead exclusively a nocturnal lifestyle and you can't meet them during the day.
Since vampires in Minecraft on Android are nocturnal creatures, they will burn in the sun, or better yet, drown them in lava. They have quite a lot of damage and speed, so you won't be able to escape from them.


Vampires will attack not only players, but also other peaceful creatures, including villagers. So if you see an empty village in the morning with not a single civilian left, know that vampires attacked them at night.

Установка мода


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