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Project Mainland

Описание и Информация:
  • Описание

Project Mainland mod - will add the ability to find fragments of amber, from which you can extract DNA and grow a dinosaur. After installing this modification in the game will appear a new block of amber, which can be found under the ground. If you break this block, you can get shards of amber that may contain dinosaur DNA. Thanks to it you can get an egg and grow a real dinosaur.
How does the mod work?
First, go to the mine and find blocks of amber that you can break.

Next, you need to extract strands of DNA from amber, as shown in the picture below

After obtaining a certain amount of DNA you have to combine them to obtain the genome.

Next, you need an incubator in which to place the genome. In this mod, it is an empty egg, which can be obtained from an ordinary egg.

Next, simply place the egg on the ground and wait for the baby dinosaur to hatch.

After hatching, the cub will begin to grow and eventually grow into a full-fledged individual, quite large in size.

At the moment, the number of dinosaurs that you can grow is not very large, but in future updates there will be more.


Установка мода


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