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Описание и Информация:
  • Описание

Pixie mod will add a new creature to the game, which has wings, not big size and is able to impose useful effects on you. Thanks to him you will be able to become much stronger, faster and more resilient. There will be several types of this creature in the game, and each one will impose some effect on you. To tame this creature is quite simple and if you do, he will always follow you, until you give the command to sit.
How to tame it?
To tame this mod in Minecraft on Android just use the cake, after which it will start following you and sharing its magical power. You can find Pixies in any forest where they live peacefully, they won't attack you, but they won't let you get close either, so the taming process is quite complicated.

Types of creatures
Each creature has its own skills and can give you a certain effect, which are listed below
Pink - defense
Purple - strength
Blue - speed
Green - luck
Yellow - health regeneration



Установка мода


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