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Mystic Land

Описание и Информация:
  • Описание

Mythical Land mod adds new creatures from Greek mythology to the game, and now you can meet mermaids and sirens. These creatures are very dangerous and can kill any wanderer who dares to approach them. Sirens lured sailors with their singing, and mermaids enchanted by their beauty and dragged people to the bottom of the sea. The most dangerous creature of this modification is Medusa Gorgon that can turn any creature into a stone statue by a single glance.

This mythical creature will appear in the underground temple and can turn you into stone with one glance. When you die it drops the head of Medusa Gorgon, which you can use to turn zombies, cadavers, players, cows, foxes and cats to stone.
Health - 300
Damage - 6

These creatures will appear in the oceans and will prey on players both on land and in the water. Their songs can blind you and weaken you, so try not to get close to them.
Health - 55
Damage - 10

In this modification the author decided not to make mermaids aggressive creatures, so they are relatively harmless. With their songs they can heal creatures nearby.


Установка мода


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