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Nuke Tech

Описание и Информация:
  • Описание

With the nuclear bomb modification you can create the most destructive weapon currently available to humanity. Thanks to it you can destroy entire mountains or create funnels the size of soccer fields. To create nuclear weapons the mod adds uranium ore, which you will have to mine. This ore can be found at a depth of 0 to 26 blocks and can only be mined with diamond and neserite ore.
To mine this ore, you'll need not only a quality pickaxe, but also a suit that will protect you from damaging radiation. If you mine the ore without this suit, you will be affected by poisoning effect 4.

After you have mined a satisfying amount of uranium ore, you can start building a nuclear bomb that will destroy everything within a 60 block radius. To activate the bomb, hit it with an iron hammer and start the timer with the special pliers.

Below you can see the recipes for crafting all the items that are in this modification, through which you can create uranium ingots, a nuclear bomb, tools and a protective suit.

IMPORTANT!!! To work mod enable all functions of the experimental mode of the game in the settings of the world!


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