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ActualGuns 3D - Guns

Описание и Информация:
  • Описание

The mod will add to the game a large number of modern firearms with very good quality textures. Thanks to this modification you will no longer have to fight with mobs with swords and bows, because you will always have a powerful rifle at hand. This modification has both pistols and sniper rifles, which will shoot at a great distance and cause great damage to any enemy in Minecraft on Android.
The main feature of this mod is the appearance of the weapon, which has just incredible 3D textures, with high detail. Now the weapon in your hands will not look like a pile of pixels. However it is worth noting that this mod is very demanding to the player's device and if you have a budget device, then this modification will greatly reduce the FPS in the game.

  • Kinds of weapon
    AWP (Arctic Warfare Police)
    Barrett M82A1
    Benelli M3
    FN P90
    Taurus PT92
    Shrapnel Grenade


Установка мода


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