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Jurassic Vehicles

Описание и Информация:
  • Описание

Each of us has seen dinosaur movies at least once. The author of the Jurassic Vehicles mod especially liked "Jurassic Park" and "Jurassic World". He decided to transfer the cars from there to Minecraft. And he did it!

This addon contains a large number of vehicles from the named movies. Among them there are: trucks, balloon vehicles, jeeps and even motorcycles. The appearance of the cars is well designed, so the vehicles look cool!

  • Jeep
    4 seats
    Fuel required
    Two looks
    Can be painted yellow, green, blue and red


  • Motorcycle
    2 seats
    Fuel required


  • Gyrosphere
    2 seats
    Can be painted blue and red 


  • Ford Explorer
    4 seats
    Two kinds
    Can be painted with mixed paint


  • Helicopter
    Fuel required
    6 seats
  • ATVs
    Need fuel
    2 seats
    Can be painted green, blue and red


  • Military Hummer
    Need fuel
    Two types
    4 seats


  • Mobile laboratory
    Requires fuel
    4 seats in the trailer and 1 in the truck
    Trailer moves behind the main unit only if there is a player inside
  • Liquid extractor and liquid filter
    In the extractor the fuel is created and in the filter it is processed after creation
  • Liquid extractor 1º

  • Fluid filter 2º


  • 1º Diesel

  • 2º Fuel 


  • Types of augment items
    Used for interactions with augmentation items


  • Night Vision Goggles
    Applies the night vision effect


  • Mechanism Crafting Recipes
    Some are available in the normal workbench and others in the extractor 


  • Painting the Jeep
    Press the sneak button and interact with the jeep


  • Refueling the Jeep
    Press the sneak button and interact with the jeep


Установка мода
Download Texture Pack for this MOD:
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