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Minigames Maps for Minecraft PE

In this section we have collected the best mini-games for Minecraft on which you can play as a single player or with friends. To start playing, just choose your favorite map and click the download button at the end of the news. Your choice will be such games as Bedwars, Skywars and similar to them. On some maps you have to play with friends and divide into teams, and some maps are designed for only one player.

Boss Towers is a fun adventure where you have to go through several levels of the tower and fight 10 strong bosses. The higher you climb to the top, the stronger the enemies on your way. According to
Map Two-Block Bridge is a two-person minigame where each player must try to get to the enemy's base over a narrow bridge. This map is a construction of two structures connected by a bridge two blocks
Minecraft PE
Minecraft Pocket Edition