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Minecraft PE 1.18

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Minecraft 1.18 is the second part of the well-known update Caves and Storage, which the developers decided to split into two and now you can download it. In this update we were promised to add a huge number of innovations that were not added in the last part of the game. In this version of Minecraft the developers tried to focus directly on the game landscape, namely we are waiting for mountains, caves, new biomes. Of course, this is not all the innovations that are waiting for us.

In this version of the update, which can be downloaded from our website, you are waiting for a huge change and an abundance of new content that will allow players to see the game from a completely new side. Mojang Studios - prepared their best version of the game Minecraft for cell phones and other platforms. But let's take our time and look through all the innovations one by one.

↑ Karst Caves

This is a new type of caves in Minecraft, which are just incredible in size and once divided into several types. Each type differ by the form, namely some are more like straight line caves, others are more like mazes.

↑ Types of caves

Tunnel-like - are more straight and go with not a big difference in height.
Spider-like - will constantly change height and will consist of many threads.
Cheesy - will look like huge halls that are separated by not large cavities, like a piece of cheese.

↑ Lush Caves.

A new variety of caves where new flowers will appear and luminous cave vines will begin to twist. It's one of the most beautiful places in Minecraft.

↑ Mountains.

Now real mountains (stony peaks) will appear in the game, they will stretch far into the sky and even above the clouds. These mountains can reach the maximum height of 320 blocks, which makes them unbelievably beautiful.

↑ New biomes.

There will be several new locations and the world generation will be improved. Locations will be concentrated around the new mountains and one biome, which is located deep underground (we wrote about it separately). Each of these locations will have unique flora and fauna, as well as allow players to start surviving in brand new places.

↑ Types of biomes
Grove - consists of not large scrap woods, on the tops and slopes of which trees will grow abundantly.
Meadows - this is a beautiful place, representing mountain meadows, which will be dotted with various flowers.
Snow-covered slopes - this place will be a snow-covered foothills, which will also grow trees.
Snow-covered peaks - in this biome there are almost no plants, and it is completely covered with snow.
Mountain Peaks - this is the highest point of the world, representing the peaks of new mountains.
Grim depths - this biome can be found deep underground and is guarded by a new mob Watchman.

↑ New Watchman
You can meet a new monster Watchman that lives in the biome of the murky depths. The main feature of this creature is that he is blind and stalks his victims using very sharp hearing. If you do not want to die then try to make as little noise as possible.

↑ Mob Features

Totally Blind.
Hunts using sound
Appears in the Grim Depths biome
Damage 30
Very Fast
Health 84 points
Growth 3.5 blocks

↑ World height

Now the maximum height of the world will be 320 blocks, and the lowest point will be at a depth of -60 blocks. This will allow you to create even more grandiose structures and see mountains of incredible height.

↑ New Blocks

In this update, the developers paid a lot of attention to new blocks, which can be used not only for building, but also for creating in wireless circuits

↑ Sculk Block.
Can only be found in the Grim depths biome. This block has a unique animation and can be used to create wireless circuits.

↑ Sculk Trap.
This unit appears only in the murky depths and can be used for wireless circuit creation. You can differentiate it from the Sculk Block by its texture.

↑ Sculk Chute.
Has a texture very similar to the bone's, but it's not homogeneous. It'll show up in the Gloomy depths biome and will also be used for wireless network creation.

↑ Sculk Veins.
This unit will appear in layers, just like the snow.

↑ Acoustic Sensor.
Will be able to make a sound, in case of accidental stepping on it. In order to prevent it from tripping, place the wool block on top of it. It's the main transmission element for wireless networks.

↑ Goat Horn.
This item will be obtained from the ibex and will appear when the animal rams the blocks.

↑ Ore veins

Now you will not only find ore in separate blocks, but with a good luck you'll stumble upon the vein of ore, that goes all the way up and down the mountain.

Every player who has an Android phone and tablet can download Minecraft PE 1.18 immediately after the beta release, which is scheduled for the end of 2021.

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