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5Minecraft.com for Minecraft PE fans

Welcome to our website 5Minecraft.com, where you'll find thousands of mods, maps and texture-packs for the mobile game Minecraft: Pocket Edition. We look through dozens of sites, choose the best ones and publish them.

You only have to choose using our convenient navigation and download any file. If you've created a unique map, texture or mod, you can add it to the portal via contacts or social networks.

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Vampires mod - will add to the game new night creatures that will attack players and other mobs and drink their blood. After installing this modification at night will become even more dangerous,
Conveyors+ mod will add to the game the ability to transport blocks using a special conveyor belt. In total, there are three types of conveyors, each of which has its own speed of movement. The
If you are tired of spending a huge amount of time searching for and mining resources then download the Resource Core mod for Minecraft on Android. Thanks to this modification you will be able to
If you want to get more visual effects that are already present in the Java version of the game, then download the mod Dynamic Lighting v2 for Minecraft on Android. Thanks to this modification, a new
If you want to ride a horse with friends, but don't want to find a horse for each player, then download the Two Riders mod for Minecraft on Android. Thanks to this mod, 2 players can now ride a
The Animation mod will make creature movements more realistic and not as twitchy as they are now. Thanks to this mod many creatures will get improved animation, which will more correctly convey the
Protection Helmet mod will help even the unluckiest of you to survive in any situation, because it will increase your health by 2 times. Thanks to this helmet you will no longer die from falling from
Advanced Fishing - will add the ability to catch new types of fish, from which later you can get resources. Thanks to this mod you will be able to catch not only cod and salmon, this mod, will add
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